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I’m Marilyn 

My Mission is to provide the highest quality Nutrition Coaching which is tailored to fit each person’s goals in order to maintain or improve their health and wellness!

My Story

I am grateful to have grown up during the 1950s in a very large family that placed a high value on health and wellness.  Our meals were eaten at specific times and most were made from scratch using pantry items. Take-out meals didn’t exist at that time.  I was responsible for packing a picnic lunch for our family’s summer road trip. We cultivated a  vegetable garden during the summers. I loved cooking and reading cookbooks at a young age. I still joke that I learned ‘Quantity Cooking’ at the age of 10 years.  My love of nutrition, whole foods and cooking still continues, and becoming a Registered Dietitian was a natural progression.

After 30 years of working in my profession, I decided to open my Private Practice to offer Nutrition Coaching for Diabetes, Prediabetes weight loss, heart health and healthy eating to name a few. My ideal client would be Adults 45 years and older. In the year leading up to the opening of my private practice I studied and became credentialed with major insurance companies including Medicare. I look forward to working with my clients for improved health!

My Philosophy

My basic philosophy has been and still is to educate people on the joy of eating for health and wellness, encourage behavior changes and empower each person to meet their goals.

“Only the pure in heart can make a good soup!”

-Ludwig Von Beethoven

My passion for nutrition is evident in my daily life and a solid good reason I invested in my private practice. I believe lifestyle changes are the key to improved health and should be attempted with the guidance and coaching of a Registered Dietitian/Nutrition Coach such as myself. These lifestyle changes take time and consistent work to reap the results people are searching for in their daily lives.

The purpose of the complimentary 30-minute Discovery Visit is to find out if we can work together to identify your goals and if you are committed to doing the day-by-day work needed to meet those goals!


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Fun Facts

I bet you didn’t know:

I became a Registered Dietitian in 1989.

My hobbies are music, cooking, knitting and staying fit 

My husband Edward and I will be married 50 years this December 2022. Time flies when you are having fun.

We have a beautiful family of 3 adult children

( 2 daughters and our son ). 5 grandchildren.

My husband Ed and I ran in the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon. Ed successfully ran the entire Marathon; I trained and ran the 10 K. Time to start running again.

The Mediterranean diet has always been my favorite cuisine including traditional desserts. I do enjoy certain dishes from other cultures and always open to try a new dish .


My journey to become a Registered Dietitian began with the following :


Spalding University – Louisville, Kentucky

B.S in Foods & Nutrition

Immaculata University , Immaculata, PA.

Coordinated Program (CUP)- Dietetic Internship

Immaculata University – Immaculata, PA.

M.A. in Nutrition Education

Certification in Diabetes Education ( CDCES)

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