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Tired of uncontrolled blood sugar levels or regaining the same weight year after year? Ready to improve your healthy eating for more results?

Need a solution that actually works within your busy lifestyle?

As we age our bodies do change and metabolism usually slows down; so what worked in our thirties and forties isn’t working in our fifties and sixties and beyond.  Busier lives, families, aging parents and our retirement can all be stressful which adds another dimension to staying in shape, eating healthy and exercising. The key here is to personalize your nutrition and health journey to fit within your lifestyle. My nutrition coaching and services can set you on the right path to discovering your nutrition and health goals with a realistic plan to achieve them. Make a commitment and schedule your complimentary Discovery visit now!

              – Marilyn Sarno MA RDN CDCES


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1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Benefits of 1:1 Nutrition Coaching

As your Nutrition Coach I can assist you in translating evidence-based nutrition science to our everyday lives. We work together to discover your personal nutrition and health goals, a plan that works within your lifestyle combined with your commitment to this plan. Benefits can include weekly food log review and recommendations, a 1-3 day menu based on preferences, and recipe recommendations. I look forward to working with you. Don’t forget to schedule your complimentary Discovery visit!!

1:1 Online Virtual Coaching

Virtual Nutrition Coaching

    Multiple Benefits include:

      • Convenience within your home.
      • Most insurances do cover Virtual sessions.
      • Eliminates the problem of transportation; Virtual sessions are easily accessed for clients with disabilities.
      • A virtual visit is done within a HIPPA-compliant EMR. RDN emails link when an appointment is created.
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      hi there!

      I’m Marilyn Sarno !

      Welcome to Sarno Nutrition Consulting LLC!

      I’m Marilyn Sarno MA RDN CDCES and sole owner of Sarno Nutrition Consulting LLC. After 30 years working in the Clinical arena including 10 years as a Certified Diabetes Educator in Greater Philadelphia, I decided to open my private practice in Chadds Ford, Pa.

      I look forward to meeting you when you schedule a complimentary Discovery Visit in my office. My services include MNT ( Medical Nutrition Therapy) and/or preventative nutrition coaching for adults 45 years and greater.  One-on-one coaching either in office or Virtually. Major insurances and Medicare are accepted.

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